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News and Events for Jung's Tae Kwon Do
The next promotion test #259 will be
December 3, 2016
If you have photos, videos or other artifacts for the history room, please bring them on test day.

Color Belt Judging will be done by 1st dan black belts and above.
Brown and Black Belt Judging will be done by 4th Dan and above.
Special note: Anyone testing for 4th dan and above will make their own form and learn the forms of their dan level (consult Testing Requirements page).
Mt. Vernon Rd Dojang
1510 Mt. Vernon Rd SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

Opening Ceremony 10 a.m.
10:00 Green Belts 
Black Belt Demonstration
White Belts 
Yellow Belts 
Orange Belts
Blue Belts
Brown Belts
Black Belts

Temporary Black Belt Testing: February, June, October
Black Belt Dan Testing: April, August, December
Black Belt and Brown Belt Class: Every Friday (Hyung Class)

Note: If original test card is full please keep in safe place and only bring NEW card.
   Black Belt List Update
   We are in the process of updating our Black Belt list. If your information is not correct or up to date, please let us know so we can make the necessary changes.  We would like to have email addresses and a picture for all Black Belts.  Also, we would like to publish your black belt essay.

Please email:  dom@domfranco.com
Previous Special Events
All Color belt ​and
Black belt test fees: make checks out to Jung's Black Belt Association 
On Saturday November 1, Grandmaster Dr. George Vitale from New York taught a class on high ITF forms.
See the photos.

Also on Tuesday November 4, from Tokyo Masters Park, Jung Hyun and Park, Jung Woo, world champions in forms visited Jung's TKD along with Brian C. Jang of Jang's TaeKwonDo Incorporated. They demonstrated both ITF and WTF forms.

The November 2016 issue of TaeKwonDo Times.
 Look for it on newsstands or download it at

Saturday January 9.2016

April 2016

Information about Dr. He-Young Kimm 
and Han Mu Do
Remodeling the original dojang
June 18, 2016
Over the past three months many pioneers, instructors and Tae Kwon Do people have contributed their time and skills to create this informal history room. It represents their bodies, minds and hearts.
The room will house artifacts from the history of Jung’s Tae Kwon Do for present and future generations to learn from. 

Click image for large size
Lanny and Wendy Kuhse helped to bring the Small Vietnam Wall to the fairgrounds in Garnavillo. Mr. and Mrs. Kuhse were very involved in bringing this traveling monument to this event. It is a great story showing black belts involved in their communities.
History Room Opening 
Special Masters' Test
First Grandmasters'Test
Saturday December 3, 2016
The black belts participating in this special test include the following:
1.Black belts who helped with the remodel of the old school dojang and the history room on Mount Vernon Road.

2.Active branch school instructors and assistant Instructors.

3.Active black belts who helped with their respective branch schools.
Instructors at all branch schools should make a list of recommendations for testing and email the list to GM Jung as soon as possible so we can get an accurate count.by November 

 4. 4th Dan and above please email your Essay and attach a photo to the essay to wjjung@taekwondotimes.com or bjhuff62@gmail.com by November 1st.

5. GM Jung wants all test applications and test fees mailed to him by November 15th. Use address on the location page for the main school.
Address to GM Woojin Jung. Make checks out to the Jungs Black Belt Association.

Because of the amount of people participating and watching the test parking will be available in the Mercy Hospital parking lot and across the street from Mercy. Also parking will be available across from the Dojang in the empty lot.

This will also be a regular dan test.
The testing fees are listed on the Info You Should Know page.
GM Woojin Jung 
Explanation of special December 3rd Test .
This is from GM Jung as he explained it to me. Half of his generation has passed away and the other half is very sick. GM Jung wants to promote or double promote black belts who have over 40 years experience that have not promoted for a long time. He asked several black belts at the October test which represents 80% of the black belts there supported his decision and 20% were not in favor of his decision for this special test but that’s ok with GM Jung. GM Jung is very excited about this test because it will be for his legacy in which he is very proud and being a part of. Tae Kwon do as been his whole life and as his career begins to wind down he wants to do this special test while he is able to. Thank you for your understanding.

Promotion Test #259

History Room Opening and Special Test

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Green Belts –9:00  White Belts – 9:00Yellow Belts – 9:00

Orange Belts – 10:00   Blue Belts 10:00    Brown Belts – 10:00

Black Belt Dan Test** 1st,2nd ,3rd – 12:00

Black Belt Dan Test** 4th,5th, 6th – 1:00  

Black Belt Dan Test** 7th, 8th – 2:00 Testing for 9th Dan 3:00

**Prior to your test, email your essay and picture to wjjung@taekwondotimes.com (include your picture in the document)

Elected Council Meeting 8:30 a.m.    Sab Bum Neem

From Grandmaster Jung:
During the Black Belt Dan tests only black belt candidates testing and their family's will be allowed in the dojang.  

Parking will be available across the street from Mercy Hospital and across the street from the dojang.

This test will be the most important test in Jung’s Tae Kwon Do history since 1973.