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News and Events for Jung's Tae Kwon Do
The next Promotion test #245 will be on
August 9, 2014
Judging will be done by 3rd Dan Black Belts and above.

Main Dojang
Located in New Life Fitness World
3950 Wilson Ave SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

Opening Ceremony 10 a.m.
Followed by:
Green Belts 
Black Belt Demonstration
White Belts 
Yellow Belts 

11:30 a.m.
Orange Belts 
Blue Belts 
Brown Belts 

Temporary Black Belt Testing: February, June, October
Black Belt Dan Testing: April, August, December
Black Belt and Brown Belt Class: Every Friday (Hyung Class)

Note: If original test card is full please keep in safe place and only bring NEW card.
   Black Belt List Update
   We are in the process of updating our Black Belt list. If your information is not correct or up to date, please let us know so we can make the necessary changes.  We would like to have email addresses and a picture for all Black Belts.  Also, we would like to publish your black belt essay.

Please email:  dom@domfranco.com
Now forming

 Jung's Tae Kwon Do Master Black Belt Association

 for all Black Belts above 4th degree.

The purpose is to maintain the history and consistency in teaching of Jung's TKD, and to provide an opportunity for the continuing participation of Pioneer Black Belts.

There will be a banquet at least once a year. Dues will be ten dollars a year.

Click to view a list of the association officers

Please send ideas and suggestions to Brian Huff at bjhuff62@gmail.com

Visit the new
 Heritage Tae Kwon Do  
Yul-Gok, GM Jung's favorite form, performed by the Martial Arts America brown and black belt class in honor of his birthday.
Previous Special Events
TKD students help reveal the Heart and Spirit Stone in the dojang. This stone was placed there on June 1, 1980. It reads "Tae Kwon Do" and "Jung Woo Jin" in GM Jung's handwriting. The stone will be moved to the next major dojang in the future.
Chief Master Robert Ott: Finding Strength
Chief Master Robert Ott has had to overcome many obstacles in is life, not the least of which is his blindness But he has chosen to persevere, and with the help of martial arts, his family, and friends, he has done just that.

POW: Lt. Park
Lt. Park Jung Hwan's experience of captivity as a Prisoner of War by the Viet Cong is one of constant survival. His attempts to save the life of a civilian are a testament to his bravery, courage, and leadership.

Miss USA
Nia Sanchez captured the nation's hearts with her impactful words at the 2014 Miss USA contest. She gained the confidence to speak about issues important to her, including self-defense and female empowerment, from her impressive career as a martial artist.

Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson has dedicated his lfe to entertaining the world with his music and supporting the causes that he believes in. What people don't know is that Martial Arts have always had a place in Nelson's life, helping him become the person he is today.

The September  issue of Tae Kwon Do Times is out.
Look for it on newsstands or purchase a digital copy at
Mr. David Bailey practices double front kicks in the main dojang.
Joey Bailey, family, friends and GM Jung after his temporary black belt test on Saturday, June 14-2014. 

Click to view the list of Master Black Belt Association officers