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News and Events for Jung's Tae Kwon Do
The next promotion test #250 will be
a historic event in the city of Cedar Rapids.
June 6,2015
There will be a potluck afterward. Please bring a dish.

Judging will be done by 3rd Dan Black Belts and above.
Special note: Anyone testing for 4th Dan and above will make their own form and learn the forms of their Dan level (consult Testing Requirements page).
Main Dojang
Located in New Life Fitness World
3950 Wilson Ave SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

Opening Ceremony 10 a.m.
10:00 Green Belts 
Black Belt Demonstration
White Belts 
Yellow Belts 
11:30 Blue Belts
12:30 Black Belts

10:00 Orange Belts 
11:30 Brown Belts 

Temporary Black Belt Testing: February, June, October
Black Belt Dan Testing: April, August, December
Black Belt and Brown Belt Class: Every Friday (Hyung Class)

Note: If original test card is full please keep in safe place and only bring NEW card.
   Black Belt List Update
   We are in the process of updating our Black Belt list. If your information is not correct or up to date, please let us know so we can make the necessary changes.  We would like to have email addresses and a picture for all Black Belts.  Also, we would like to publish your black belt essay.

Please email:  dom@domfranco.com
Now forming
 Jung's Tae Kwon Do Master Black Belt Association
 for all Black Belts above 4th degree.
The purpose is to maintain the history and consistency in teaching of Jung's TKD, and to provide an opportunity for the continuing participation of Pioneer Black Belts.

There will be a banquet at least once a year. Dues will be ten dollars a year.
Click to view a list of the association officers

Please send ideas and suggestions to Brian Huff at bjhuff62@gmail.com

Previous Special Events

Click to view the list of Master Black Belt Association officers

Color belt test fees: make checks out to Jung's Tae Kwon Do

Black Belt test fees: make checks out to Jung's Black Belt Association 
On Saturday November 1, Grandmaster Dr. George Vitale from New York taught a class on high ITF forms.
See the photos.

Also on Tuesday November 4, from Tokyo Masters Park, Jung Hyun and Park, Jung Woo, world champions in forms visited Jung's TKD along with Brian C. Jang of Jang's TaeKwonDo Incorporated. They demonstrated both ITF and WTF forms.

Divisions (pdf)

Since he started Tae Kwon Do, over the last two years he has become a very confident person. As for being shy, that went away too. Today you will find Sam leading class,which you would have never seen him do in the past. The photos show where Sam broke boards at black belt class the Friday before. GM Jung asked Sam what Tae Kwon Do has done for him. He said, “It has made me a tougher person and has given me great confidence in myself."

"Grandmaster Geoff J. Booth: Who's Got the Most Hapkido Frequent Flyer Miles?"
"Tae Kwon Do Celebrates 60 Years" 
Marc Zirogiannis "Phillip Rhee, Underdog Master" 
Master Brian C. Jang "Tae Kwon Do, My Life" 
"General Choi Hong Hi, Political Influences" 
Grandmaster Marshal Gagne "Wonkumdo:Full Circle of the Sword" 
David Ippen "Kicking" 
Thomas Gordon "Self-Defense with Crayons"
Joshua Novak "Defensive Tactics, Guardian Angels Style" 
Brian Myers "Community Resource Needed: Bullying Prevention Experts" 
Chief Master George Vitale "Interview with John A. Johnson" 
Grandmaster Kyu-Il Cho "Spirit and Philosophy of Tae Kwon Do"

The July issue of TaeKwonDo Times is now available.
 Look for it on newsstands or download it at TaeKwonDoTimes.com
This is Sam Bailey. He is 14 years old and about to test for Temporary black belt in June. Sam comes from a family of 10 brothers and sisters. When Sam started Tae Kwon Do about two years ago, he was 12 years old, a very reserved and shy kid without much confidence like so many children who take Tae Kwon Do or any other martial art.
After Master Brian Huff's tough Saturday class, GM Jung helps Mr. Ed Green wring the sweat out of his dobok.
GM Jung visited Two Rivers Martial Arts Des Moines hub and Indianola branch on Friday, May 29th.