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Grandmaster Blane Phillips

When I started TaeKwonDo in 1976 I had never heard of the word. Nor did I know it was a Korean martial art. In my years of training up to black belt, which I received in 1978, the forms and techniques were difficult and demanding for me. I learned spirit and perseverance throughout the years from this. 
As I started teaching in 1977 in Iowa City, Iowa, I learned how to be courteous and respectful to new students old and young. My training from first dan to fourth dan was more exercise, forms, breaking, and competition. The mental aspect was all around me but was not a high priority. When Mr. Jung would discuss the mental aspect of the art in class, I knew it would take time for the philosophy he talked about to connect with me. 
As I have grown older and attained higher rank, my training has changed from more physical to more mental. In my many years of teaching, I've noticed how the generations of students have changed in their thinking. By being around this, my teaching and training with these new generations has changed how I personally train and think. I learn more from my students than they realize. 
I would like to thank my family, senior, and junior students for following and supporting my long journey all these years. But most importantly I would like to thank Grand Master Jung for instructing me from a white belt to 9th dan and bringing TaeKwonDo to America giving me the chance to study and learn its meaning.
Master Blane Phillips Jr.
7th Dan.