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Grandmaster Don Wells

Self Defense - Do We Still Need It?
Call 911, the government will protect us. The average response time is 15 minutes or more. Lots of damage can be inflicted in that amount of time.
Self preservation and protecting others are natural instincts. Unfortunately, the more “sophisticated” we think we are, the further we get away from those traits.
How many pay attention to that feeling, the small voice or other insight that might be put to use to prevent accidents, bad situations, or to receive something good?
Teaching Tae Kwon Do for over 30 years, I have had three or four students who have had to fight and came out victorious. These were not among the two UFC fighters we have trained. These were an overweight housewife, a college girl, and a 6’ 2”, 125 pound man. 
Perseverance and indomitable spirit are needed to accomplish effect self defense techniques. 3000 repetitions are accepted as a number that makes a technique automatic and effective. That is a lot of time and commitment. Mental attitude during this practice must be with full “mindfulness”, intensity and belief you can use this action effectively. Knowledge of vulnerable body targets and effective striking tools need to be emphasized during this training. The more realistic this training can be, the more likely it will work when you need it.
You must remember you have a right to live and there are no rules if you fight for your life. “You must survive!”
The mental training still transfers to the ”real world”, you’re everyday activity, school, work, driving, setting goals. Self control and attitude of “I can handle whatever comes my way.”
This is like an insurance policy, you hope you never need it but if you do you’ll, be glad you had it at the time.