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Grandmaster Robert Wood 로버트 우드

As martial artists we take on the charge of being leaders in society. Guiding those we are leading on the pathway to a moral culture. A free world can only exist if the people in it are both virtuous and wise. Without these qualities we will revert to either tyranny or anarchy. 

We are not born with virtue, it is a learned and cultivated behavior that must be tended to all are lives. My moral beliefs were taught to me by my parents and the Church, no matter where we learn them it is our responsibility to develop and adhere to them faithfully. We must hold integrity close to our hearts never bending or giving into the pressures of today’s world. We must also stand for what is true and just, hating covetousness. 

A good leader must always consider the needs and wellbeing of those he leads and teaches ahead of his own wants and needs. His strength becomes theirs and their successes become his, feeding on each other, growing together to build a better world.

The path of a TaeKwonDo instructor is long and arduous with many cross-winds along the way. It takes a strong will and much discipline to not stray from the path and turn to self-indulgence. He must remain humble and kind of heart no matter what may befall him good or bad.

The greatest accolade an instructor can receive in life is to have that student he thought was lost come back, years later and tell you that he now understood what you were teaching him at the time. Knowing that the seed you had planted and nurtured had grown to maturity is very reassuring. 

The traditional values handed down to us by our ancestors, even though they may not be popular by many of today’s people, are needed even more than ever before. It is our job as leaders to see that it is passed on.