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Grandmaster Ron Bruner

As a young man in his teens, I was looking for direction like everyone else. I wondered what I should do, who should I be. Many of my friends wanted to be in the martial arts. Some did Go-Jo-Ru, wone did kung fu with Eddie Sang. I was very shy and wanted confidence. I was afraid to approach anyone about studying the art. My Mother wouldn't hear of it. She said I had too bad of a temper and she thought I would hurt someone if I couldn't control my emotions. My Dad said it was fake and he of course was a boxing fan. So at the age of 19 I was working in a big factory and making enough money that I offered to a friend if he would come and sign up to take a class in martial arts with me that I would pay for his tuition, but he refused. So I reluctantly decided to go by myself. I decided to try TaeKwon Do. I was impressed with the idea that TKD was 85% feet and I would be able to kick like Bruce Lee. From the first interview with my instructor until this current day I started and continued down a path that I had never dreamed of taking. I first stepped away from my old friends and met new friends from TKD. Friends that are like family to me. Good people that share the same dream as I do. I was only in TKD a short time when I ventured down another path and fulfilled yet another dream. I met the girl of my dreams in TKD and with her guidance and support along with TKD I overcame the shyness, the fear, and guilt confidence. When I had pain, I learn to relas, when I was engaged in conflict, I remained calm and relaxed. I learned that from Judy, my wife, although I have been in and out of TKD, I've always held it close to my heart, and every so often when I get a chance to visit, I am reminded of how much TKD has been an influence in my life, and how much I missed and enjoy seeing my family members of TKD. After 40 years I look back at the very beginning and think of my old friends I had before TKD. I think of visiting them, but only a few remain, many have passed for many reasons that I can't help to think had to do with the lifestyle that they never changed. I took a different path and I know I chose the right one. no matter where I went, what I did or who I meet, I have always been welcomed home by my TKD family. I wonder how different life would have been if I hadn't chosen this path. Thank God.
Ron Bruner