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Grandmaster Wallace Cooper

I teach because of my strong feelings about the importance of Tae Kwondo. Teaching on the other hand, is rewarding both emotionally and psychologically. It is a happy experience to see people working and improving. I guess that is my mission, so to speak, in life. Many people come to me with no confidence, and they can't open up to other people; then they break out of their shells because of me. I feel like I've done the world a service.

The first thing a student is taught here is respect. Because Tae Kwondo teaches power and technique you must learn to respect others, or else the Art just becomes a weapon to destroy society. We have enough crime in societv. Whv add more due to undisciplined martial artists?
To respect others, however, you might first have to learn how important you are. Too many people don't know who they are and they don't care what is happening within them. Respect yourself first, and you learn to respect others. Harmony must be looked at in the light of philosophy. As far as the philosophy of Tae Kwondo is concerned, it can't be put into one word because it isn't only one thing. It is like life itself. As we teach Tae Kwondo, we have different patterns and different things to learn. Most of the patterns are named after philosophical ideas.
Chon-ji, afterthe idea of Heaven/Earth Unit and is in the Orient. lt is interpreted as the creation of the world and the beginning of human history. Therefore, it is the initial pattern learned by the beginner. The pattern consists of two parts- one to represent Heaven, the other Earth.

We are looking and learning as we progress for the harmony of the Universe. Harmony, in this respect, is the next thing a student must learn to master. Finally, a student must learn howto relate physical instruction to their own life. One must go beyond punching and kicking and use techniques as tools to overcome hardships in life. As far as changes in the Art are concerned, I feel that some techniques need to be modified; especially the techniques of teaching and systematizing the Art.

We are learning Tae Kwondo with the purpose of building a better and more peaceful world. So, let us develop a noble character with fantastic technique- to keep fighting for those weaker- as a missionary of humanity and justice.

Tae Kwondo has blossomed again after a long hibernation and it has been spreading fast everywhere; regardless of religion or race, and under the ideals of Courtesy, lntegrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and
lndomitable Spirit.

ln 2005 I went North and South Korea to promote lnternational Brotherhood and World Peace; and to show our true respect for all martial arts- but especially "Tae Kwondo" at the 38th Parallel. My dream has at last been realized, I can say without hesitation that I am the Happiest Man alive.