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About Jung's Taekwondo
Grandmaster Jung has devoted his entire life to Tae Kwon Do, and he wants to share his knowledge with everyone. Absolutely anyone can take Tae Kwon Do, regardless of age, sex, background, and/or disabilities. For those who have taken the journey themselves, Tae Kwon Do is a way of life.

Grandmaster Jung teaches five "tenets," or basic beliefs, that all students learn and observe in their daily life. Each of them has equal importance. The five tenets are:

· Courtesy

· Integrity

· Perseverance

· Self-Control

Indomitable Spirit

Unlike the competitive Olympic-style Tae Kwon Do that is shown on TV, Grandmaster Woo Jin Jung's style has evolved from the traditional style taught in Korea, to a style now known as "family style," which not only emphasizes the techniques as the traditional style, but also adds other teaching elements to boost the students' confidence, coordination, weight control, and to give them an opportunity to make friends with other students from all around the United States. The aim of Jung's Tae Kwon Do is to offer a safe, controlled atmosphere that students can come to and practice the rapidly spreading art of Tae Kwon Do.

Grand Master Jung was awarded an honorary professorship at Keimyung University in South Korea by Dr. Ilhi Synn and Dean Young Sang Bae. The professorship awarded honors Jung's contribution to Tae Kwon Do and Korea and is in effect from 2010 to 2015. The award was given on March 1st 2010.

About Grand Master Jung
Dedication of the Woo Jin Jung Tree in Cedar Rapids.
Watch the video.
AP photo
Professional Experience

1942 Born in Ul-ju-Gun, Kyng Sang Nam Do , S. Korea

1970 Received a BA degree in Mechanical Engineering at Han-Yang University

1971 Immigrated to US

1972 Established 's Tae Kwon Do Academy, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

1979-05 Established New Life Fitness World, Fitness Club

1981 Established Tri-Mount Publication, Inc.Published Tae Kwon Do Times

1982-89 President of Korean American Society of Iowa

1985-88 First US and Canada Tae Kwon Do tour to Korea (Held by TKD Times)

1987 Coordinated sister city between Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Ul-Ju Gun S. Korea

1991 Formed North and South Korea and US Tae Kwon Do demo team

1995 Eagle’s Nest open (Tae Kwon Do practice place) at Colorado Springs

1998-01 Member of NUAC (National Unification Advisory Council)

2000 North Korea Tae Kwon Do Tour begin (Held by TKD Times)

2001-Pres. Kyung-Hee University Honorary Professor

2005-Pres.Member of Kyung-Sang-Buk-Do, Korea honorary advisor

2006 The 2nd World TKD Festival Prayer for Unification - 60 participant from12 countries performed board breaking ceremony at North side of DMZ. (AP special news)

2007 North Korean TKD Demo team Goodwill Tour (First time N. Korean national anthem was played in 5 US major cities during the tour)

2008 As respond of N. Korean TKD team tour, New York Philharmonic orchestra visited and played American National anthem first time ever in N. Korea.

2009 Established Woojin Jung Tree in Cedar Rapid, Iowa

2010 2010 Kye-Myung University Tae Kwon Do department special professor

2011 The 2nd N. Korean Tae Kwon Do Demo Team performed in 3 major eastern cities, Goodwill Tour


1998 Tae Kwon Do book, "Free Style Sparring"

2002 세계가 우리를 기다린다.(Korean)

2003 Autobiography, "Eastern Spirit, Western Dreams" (English version)

2004 Revised edition of "Eastern Spirit, Western Dreams" (English version)

2008 "Best Instructor + Best School = Best Life!" (English version)

2009 가난과 고난은 인생의보약이다, (Korean)

2009 최고의사범+최고의도장=Best Life!, (Korean)


1985 Honorary Korean Award by the Prime Minister

1986 Small Business Administration's Iowa Minority Small Business Person of the Year

1990 Iowa Economic Development Award

2009 TKD Ambassador Award, US Taekwondo Grandmaster Society

2009 The Woojin Jung Tree Monument (Dedicated by the City of Cedar Rapids)

2011 Multi-Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame 2011 for Tae Kwon Do

2012 Living Legend of Tae Kwon Do, Legends of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame Awards


1978 Jung's Black Belt Foundation

1988 Woo Jin Scholarship, South Korea (Chung-Yang Elementary and middle schools in his hometown of Ulsan)

2000 Grand Master Honor Society Foundation

2005 Jung Family Charitable Foundation

Current Activities

  Jung's Tae Kwon Do Academy Inc. ( 45 branches in 4 states)

  New Life Fitness World (7 Clubs, 4 Cities) 

  Point Aerie LTD, LLC

  Mountain Top Co. (Department Store/Office Building)

  Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine published worldwide (International)