Jung's Tae Kwon Do Academy
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JR Grandmaster Bonnie Wells

The Tae Kwon Do Retreat

There’s a place where I go when my day has gone bad And my spirit is all out of sync.
When my muscles are mad and I’m some short on glad And I sure need to work out the kinks!
An encouraging place with a smile on each face That is worth more than silver or gold.
One hour full of grace in this comfortable place With my friends who will never grow old.
I unbridle my heart, let my problems depart Joy and awe now begin to refill.
Good memories abound as my feet hit the ground At this place that is fond to me still.
Contentment appears as shouts ring in my ears
The sounds that bring fire to each move
How that noise can bring peace is beyond ones belief It’s for me and I’ve nothing to prove.
So when life’s got you down and you’re wearing a frown and your worries you need to unload,
Just let them all go, let your strong movements flow Be renewed as you go down the road.
Now as time passes by, and some people ask why be firm as you teach them these ways
There are things from the past that depart way to fast, But let these remain true for all days.
Master Bonnie Wells