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JR Grandmaster Brett McBroom

What Tae Kwon Do Means to Me

By Master Brett McBroom
The benefits of Tae Kwon Do are endless. The obvious thing is the physical fitness Tae Kwon Do provides, beyond that there is the mental, moral and friendship benefits.
The physical benefits are increased flexibility, strength, balance, agility, and endurance. After 30 plus years in Tae Kwon Do, we can't do what we could in our 20's. But, at 50 or 60 we still maintain more flexibility, strength, balance, agility and endurance than the average person 20 years younger.
The mental benefits come after years of practice. Tae Kwon Do teaches us better focus which helps with our training, work life, family life, and social life. The simple ability of being able to focus on the task, topic, or problem at hand in today's society is dificult. Years of practice of Tae Kwon Do helps with focus.
The moral benefits are in the tenents. Most people, I believe, are good and moral. But, people who have practiced Tae Kwon Do for several years live by the tenents and therefore have higher standards.
The friendship benefit or Tae Kwon Do family is ever expanding. There are many people I have met through Tae Kwon Do that I probably never would have met outside of Tae Kwon Do. I am a better person for having met these people. Two special people that I have met through Tae Kwon Do are Master Tony Maxwell and Master Jayne Maxwell. We have been together since we started in 1985 and they have become like a brother and sister to me. Tae Kwon Do wipes away all the social hierarchy, you have nothing but rank. Everyone has a common interest, Tae Kwon Do.