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JR Grandmaster Dallas Zimmerman

Over three decades ago I began my experience with Grandmaster Jung’s Tae Kwon Do. I started at Kirkwood College as three new instructors took over for Mrs. McDonald. Their first day at Kirkwood was also my first day. Mr. Jamie Ward, Mr. Ron Johnson, and Mr. Steve Ford were each fine instructors in their own right, but the three together were near perfection. I feel very fortunate to have begun this way. There I began learning the basics of the techniques of TKD. At Kirkwood the class consisted of college age young people, and it wasn’t until attending classes at Main School and at testing that I began to see why GM Jung taught the way he did. I cannot remember a test where GM Jung didn’t make particular mention about a family that took TKD together, or a person working hard to learn TKD that was also struggling with a disability or with advanced age, or with any number of obstacles that make attending or practicing difficult. GM Jung was building character in his students through his Art, along with physical fitness and the techniques of self-defense. Giving his students self-confidence, a sense of worth and a determination to be successful. All these benefits last a lifetime.
I’ve tried to instill these teachings in my own students and while my teaching styles were hard, not all students do well with this. I see in my own students, Mr. Forrest Gibson and Mrs. Lori Tripses Bolanos a better way bending to each particular students need to help them as much as possible. I think this is what GM Jung meant when he says, “be better than me”.
GM Jung’s legacy lives on through his students, his TKD family, and I’m glad to be a part of this. Jung’s TKD instructors have a huge responsibility to carry this on through their students, especially the children. Children and young people who grow up knowing hard work and respect will possess a character that will shine as a light in our society. We can instill the morals and values with the self-discipline to live them out in our students. Through our examples and teaching we can generate a wisdom in respecting those in authority over us, choosing right over wrong, and being a help to those around us who need it. As an instructor I have an obligation to strive to accomplish this through my teaching and example. This I believe is the essence of GM Jung’s Art.
Many thanks to GM Jung for his leadership and for the many friends and acquaintances I have made in this TKD family.
Mr. Dallas Zimmerman