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JR Grandmaster Frank Cross

A Journey

By Frank Cross
I started Tae Kwon Do on January 13, 1986 and I have some memories I would line to share with you.
I remember the first day I visited a Do Jung. My son and my brother-in-law had talked me into coming to the school in Ankeny and seeing what martial arts was all about. I expected to see people jumping 10 feet in the air, you must remember that old Kung Fu movies were a big thing then and I could not see how a man of my age, late 30's) would ever be able to do this, instead I met people who would be my friends for over three decades. The instructor was now Grand Master Don Wells. He explained that they were just people working to develop the best skills a person was capable of and that the competition was with yourself and not someone else. I joined what was then, Eric Heintz Black Belt Academy. I have trained with Grand Master Wells ever since. I would like to now just share memories with you.
Grand Master Wells
I remember Master Wells having some injuries and instead of quitting he trained harder so as not to have it happen again.
I remember being at a demonstration and a drunk trying to pick a fight with Master Wells and him exercising exceptional self control and just walking away instead of hitting the man, this from a man who had broken three concrete blocks with his fists.
Master Eric Heintz
I remember the first time I met Master Heintz and learning that here was a man so dedicated to his art that he gave up his law practice to open his own school and teach Tae
Kwon Do full time.
Grand Master Woojin Jung
It was at my White Belt testing that I first met Grand Master Jung. He was judging with two other Korean gentlemen. In those days the grand master came to all our testing's. Something many of our students have never had the privilege of experiencing. I remember at one of the tests Grand Master Jung had me come forward, close my eyes and the next thing I knew, his fist is touching my nose. This type of control gave us all something to strive for. If you ever get the opportunity to do a seminar or just talk to Grand Master Jung you will get an insight into Tae Kwon Do you would get no where else. It is not often you will meet someone who has worked to unify North and South Korea.
After getting my Black Belt I began teaching, hoping to influence others the way my Tae Kwon Do family influenced me.
There are many other people who have helped influence my Tae Kwan Do journey, too many, to thank them all, but I have seen the tenants of Tae Kwon Do in all of them, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and the indomitable spirit. I would like to thank all of you for your help and patience over the years.
Frank L. Cross