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JR Grandmaster Ron Johnson

Not enough hours in a day
I still wonder on occasion where the time flies when balancing family, home life, work and the daily routines I and most people deal with daily. Stress sometimes can and will overwhelm you if you don’t find a way to cope and come to terms with it. Over the years, I have become more busy, with work related stresses, crime scene processing, death, and countless court appearances. With all that mixed in with other daily routines, time needs to be set aside for time for myself, physically and mentally.  

Speaking recently to GM Jung, I believe that he even noticed undue stress in my life that generally my wife, Jill and children, Alanah and Addison would notice. GM Jung suggested that the Black Belt class on Saturday morning would be a benefit to me physically and mentally to help deal with some of the overpowering demands of work and family. 

Routinely we all deal with daily life in different ways. My routines in the morning usually start at waking at 5:30, making coffee for Jill and feeding an over anxious cat, Luna, who usually beats the alarm by 15 minutes. It’s my turn now to get ready for work and arrive before 7:00 AM. Some days are better than others, but on occasion, for example, one day coming up, I will adjust my hours and come in at 9:00 AM for a homicide deposition. After the deposition, I will then travel to Davenport IA, for a change of venue homicide trial. Hopefully, I will not be on the stand to long but will be traveling back to play in a dance band job in Walford IA, starting at 7:00PM. Forgot to mention that I play drums in 3 different bands; The Dale Thomas Band, The Good Old Boys Band, both classic country bands and the Compass Rose Band, which is an 80’s classic Rock-n-Roll band. Sometimes not enough hours in a day. 

I have worked 30 years at the Cedar Rapids Police Department and will retire in about 4 more years. November 30th, 2020 to be exact. More time for the family, travel and hopefully play more music. I’m sure other things will come up, as many of my retired coworkers have said. They are more busy now in retirement, than when they were working full time. Just still not enough hours in a day. 

I still plan on continuing setting aside time for Jill and I, in hopes to maintaining our health so we can enjoy our retirement with family and friends. We walk occasionally and maybe will start biking to change up things a bit. 

I know that Tae Kwon Do has been and always will be a part of my life. I started in the late 70’s and assisted teaching college students at Kirkwood Collage in the early and mid-1980’s. With all of the daily routines everyone goes through, many cope with these stresses in one form or another. Over consumption of alcohol, abuses in prescription medication and addictions to controlled substances, I see too frequently. Coping with daily life sometimes we need the time to reflect on what is more important. Sometimes we need to just sit back, count our blessings and take time to get a grip on our lives. Just not enough hours in a day.

Mr. Ron W. Johnson