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Tea Ceremony and Sword Presentation
December 14, 2013
GM Jung held a Master Tea Ceremony and a Master Sword Presentation on December 14, 2013, honoring 56 new 6th and 7th Dan black belts. This was a very special event, only the 4th ceremony GM Jung has ever held in the 40 years of teaching Tae Kwon Do.

GM Jung made a special tea out of plants from Korea, the Rocky Mountains and Iowa, and he served the tea individually to the 56 master black belts and presented each with a master sword. Children and young people delivered the cups of tea and escorted the master black belts. The sword symbolizes GM Jung's martial artist heart and spirit, which each master can pass on to future generations. This was an exciting ceremony and one of the best experiences of their lives.

After the ceremony groups of master black belts broke ten-foot boards.
The master black belts

1.Mstr Akio Ikeda, 7th
2.Mstr Ron Bruner, 7th
3.Mstr Judy Bruner, 7th 
4.Mstr Jerry Driscoll, 7th
5.Mstr Brian Huff, 7th
6.Mstr Dom Franco, 7th
7.Mstr Carl Anderson, 7th
8.Mstr Dave Ford, 7th
9.Mstr Lynn Sackett, 7th
10.Mstr Marilyn Wilson, 7th
11.Mstr Roger Clark 7th
12.Mstr Steve Buschbom 7th
13.Mstr Tim Busch, 7th
14.Mstr Greg Hughes, 7th
15.Mstr Larry Chmelick ,7th
16.Mstr Tom Frimml, 7th
17.Mstr Wallace Cooper, 7th
18.Mstr Joe Houtz, 7th
19.Mstr Dennis Meggers, 7th
20.Mstr Ron Johnson, 7th
21.Mstr Dallas Zimmerman, 7th
22.Mstr Guy Smith, 7th
23.Mstr Tai Lee, 7th
24.Mstr Jerry Zaruba, 7th
25.Mstr Judy Zaruba, 7th
26.Mstr James Frazier, 7th
27.Mstr Victor Hernandez, 6th
28.Mstr Rick Janney, 7th

29.Mstr Mark Russo, 6th
30.Mstr Tim Waddilove, 6th
31.Mstr Nanette Waddilove, 6th
32.Mstr Lisa Fratzke, 7th
33.Mstr Dave Strudthoff, 6th
34.Mstr John Sandberg, 7th
35.Mstr Mary McDonell, 7th
36.Mstr Gerry Portzline, 7th
37.Mstr Jeff Houtz, 7th
38.Mster Dick Wessels, 7th
39.Mstr Dave Worden, 7th
40.Mstr Robert McDowell, 6th
41.Mstr Stacey Bendickson, 6th 
42.Mstr Lanny Kuhse, 6th
43.Mstr Dave Conway, 6th
44.Mstr Michael Scott, 6th
45.Mstr Randall Garrett, 6th
46.Mstr Julia Freel, 6th 
47.Mstr Brett McBroom, 6th
48.Mstr Marvin Samuelson, 6th
49.Mstr Tony Maxwell, 6th
50.Mstr Jane Maxwell, 6th
51.Mstr Steve Gonzalez, 6th
52.Mstr Brad Deaton, 6th
53.Mstr Terry Hall, 6th
54.Mstr Dwayne Ferguson 6th
55.Mstr Tim Main 7th
56.Mstr Mike Martin 7th
Each Master was given a tea cup with a unique design. They will be able to keep this cup for the rest of their life, and may use it on special occasions.