Jung's Tae Kwon Do Academy
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Leading class
At the beginning and end of class: after calling students to attention with "charyot," wait 10-20 seconds before bowing to the flags. This is a time of transition from everyday life to workout time and back again.

In front of room, execute moves with opposite sides as class (mirror image).

Teaching students to teach
We should begin having students lead part of the class at the green belt level. This does not have to be the entire class, maybe leading a few kicks. With each belt promotion they should be able to lead a bit more. 
Persons testing for black belt should first show their heart; second, how they teach class; and third. their technique.

Free sparring
Rules for sparring with a lower belt:
When sparring with a yellow belt, the yellow belt should do 95% of the offensive movements. The senior belt should offer suggestions, eg "Try this."
If the two students are close in rank, eg blue and green belt, the green belt will do about 60% of the offensive movements and the blue belt 40%
Teaching forms
Show the form three times. Then just count..
Tornado kick can be taught at the blue belt level